7 Dumb Things People Say To A Mom Of Three

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It seems that people just cannot stop themselves from saying dumb things. I have two kids, occasionally someone says something annoying about the fact that I have one boy and one girl and how “picture perfect” that is. Because our family would somehow be less than perfect if I had two boys or two girls? Ridiculous.

However, the inappropriate comments that my friends with more than two children have to listen to take the cake! My friend says she thinks people are trying to punish her for having more than the national average (of kids).

What sort of stupid things do moms with more than two have to get used to hearing? Find out on the next page.

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4 Responses to “7 Dumb Things People Say To A Mom Of Three”

  1. Some folks just need to mind their own business! Why do they care how many kids I have? I have three and I often get rude/ nosy comments! I once had someone ask me about my sex life!! Seriously?

  2. “Wow, you’ve been busy.” Common rude comment about my 3 kids..

  3. When people tell me how “busy” I am I always say, “I know, I wish someone would tell me why this keeps happening”. They always laugh, or get super uncomfortable, either way, win.

  4. I don’t remember hearing comments that I didn’t say myself. I had 3 boys. When the 3rd one was born, the oldest was 4, so yes, I was busy. Proud of them.