6 Reasons Being A Mama Wasn’t At All What I Imagined

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I apparently have a very vivid imagination. I’m not quite sure exactly what I expected, but it was definitely a far cry from reality. I remember telling my friends all of these things that I thought and them laughing at me and rolling their eyes. Here are just a few of the misconceptions that I had about being a mama. 

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One Response to “6 Reasons Being A Mama Wasn’t At All What I Imagined”

  1. When I was pregnant with my third I really felt like it would be years before I had a life again. I couldn’t imagine eating out or working with our church like I wanted to.
    Those things are definitely tough and there are days when I don’t think I can do this, but my husband has really stepped up and I’m learning all the time to manage my time and multi task better. And sleep less!

    I work from home 20+ hours a week and we eat out once a week or so. And we all survive!