5 Important Lessons for First-Time Mamas

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Not too long ago, I became someone’s mama. While I was busy with that, everyone else was busy trying to help me out. They meant well, I’m sure, but it got to be too overwhelming and confusing. Throughout most of my pregnancy and the first few months of my little guy’s life, I received more advice than I knew what to do with – too much, actually. I looked things up and I asked around… I did my best to figure it out. When it was all said and done, though, there were a couple of things that I kept hearing over and over again. The same few things kept coming up. So, what were those five important lessons for first-time mamas – the few things that I took from all of the advice that I received?  

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2 Responses to “5 Important Lessons for First-Time Mamas”

  1. I never planned to have children and unexpectedly got pregnant. In a twist of biology I still don’t understand, I loved him and felt like a mom as soon as I found out but I felt pretty unprepared. I really valued all of the advice and support I got! I was pregnant with several other women from my husband’s work and we all passed around tips and favorite products and things during that first year.
    The Ultimate Crib sheet kept me from having to take the whole crib practically apart after spit up/diaper explosions in the middle of the night countless times so that is one of my favorites.
    Trusting your child and realizing they are all different is another one. They develop differently, they have tastes and personalities and different things work for different babies. Even newborns!