11 Ways To Tell You’re A Procrastinator Parent

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I reminded my husband tonight that tomorrow was Mother's Day. I also mentioned that my son and I were in the process of making cards for both grandmas. Yep! Way to wait until the last minute, right? That's me. Late to the party with everything. It's obviously not an intentional thing. I do plan ahead, but sometimes things just get derailed. Well, if we're being completely honest here (and we are, right?), things almost always get completely derailed, especially when little ones are part of the equation too.

I needed something for work one morning and I was seriously scrambling around at Walmart at 7 AM the same morning buying it. I meant to go the night before, but by the time we got home and got something eat, I really didn't feel like going out again. At that point, it just seemed like too much effort. I'm sure all moms can relate. By the time I would've gotten everything ready and all that fun stuff… Definitely not worth it.

One mom made a list of confessions of a procrastinator parent and it's definitely worth reading. It's seriously too funny! See for yourself on the next page.

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