10 Ways You Know You’re A Mom Of A Boy

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My best friend and I used to talk about how we would dress our little girls in lace and bows. We discussed matching their outfits and taking them for pedicures when they were old enough. We couldn’t wait to have little girls! Then we had sons. After the initial shock wore off, we learned things are a lot different with boys. Now we can’t imagine having girls.  So just for fun… Here are 10 ways you know you have boys when…

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23 Responses to “10 Ways You Know You’re A Mom Of A Boy”

  1. I definitely know more than 10 dinosaur names!! Lol!

  2. So true but Instead of hot wheels it’s Thomas trains in this house, and #10 is definitely the best ☺️

  3. Candy Humphries Teague Boys Life!

  4. Jamie Whisner Polo this reminds me of our conversations before Drew was born!

  5. Minus the bit about the clothes this is completely true of having a girl as well…

  6. This is all children except subs$#%&!@*ute “is there any cute girl clothes that aren’t pink” for the boy clothes one

  7. Most of these are true for my girl except the clothes ones.

  8. This is all true for my daughter but good job at playing into gender stereotype.

  9. This is true for all children, but your narrow minded views are why I’m glad we are raising well rounded girls who well help to crush this outdated stereotype. This article is just a reminder that small thinking people still exist and we still have a long way to go.

  10. My mom must have raised three boys instead of three girls lol

  11. I agree with 7 out of 10. 🙂

  12. I disagree. Regardless of gender, kids are kids.

  13. Oh yes boys throw everything. My son is sooooo wild. But I love it ♥️

  14. lol most of these are true for my daughter……plus she has an obsession with taking a screwdriver and “fixing” things, which is another stereotypical “boy” thing.

  15. My son doesn’t bounce these days. At nearly 14 he’s into girls and Marvel/ DC cartoons