10 Frustrating Things People Say To A Mom Of Only One Child

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If you have just one child and you know you’re done having children, you’ve probably stifled a groan or had to bite your tongue as a well-meaning relative or friend tried to tell you why you really should have another baby. Our families badger us and our friends laugh as if they know something we don’t.  I’m starting to think that we are the ones who know something the rest of them don’t.

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227 Responses to “10 Frustrating Things People Say To A Mom Of Only One Child”

  1. My son is an only child. He is also a first born and middle child. He is the only one of my pregnancies where I got to hold my child. (I lost my first and my third pregnancies.) I would NEVER have chosen to have only one child…I actually wanted five. I still pray for him to have a little brother, but at 41, it is very unlikely. I realize some people choose to only have one, but some of us don’t.

  2. I feel as thought we have allowed ourselves to get so into someone else’s life that we forget that there is a lot that isn’t our business. I hate when people get on me about having kids when I have a medical condition that makes it so I may potentially be sterile. I always wanted 2-4 kids and this hurts. For those who didn’t make the choice, it runs salt in the wound and sometimes you are sick of discussing such a personal matter with people who so obviously don’t have boundaries. I really think we should be able to tell people it’s none of their business it without it seeming rude when really they are the rude one.

  3. All you moms with one child- be happy with where you’re at! It’s a tough job regardless one 1, 2, or more! I have two boys who are 2,3 and I break up fights constantly and you know what??? They still haven’t learned to share lol! So I think some of these on the list are bogus. I would never say half of these things to my mom friends of 1 child, well maybe the “do you have baby fever” that I’m guilty of, but I say that to everyone! I think we are all where we are supposed to be and do one heck of a job keeping these little humans alive! Happy Easter mama’s!!!

  4. My daughter is an only child. I heard most of these a lot. Also I home school my daughter so she is not getting socialization is what people say. The one that gets me the most is people who know my situation and still ask when are you having another child. I want to say are you going to raise the child and provide for him/her.

  5. I had two but they are 5 yrs apart, so I kept getting nagged at too, glad I did as I got another great daughter out of it. But i respect anyones right to just have one,I know lots of people who did and are. People got to remember to now people are waiting longer to have children age wise so it may not even be possible to have a second, none of their business anyways.Also the clods who keep asking when you are going to have a baby, there are more fertility problems now just make people feel bad when you keep nagging, you never know how and whys of a persons life.MYB.

  6. I have one and it’s awesome ! Another was not in the plan. May be a little lonely for him sometimes, but it’s ok!

  7. I have 3 daughters , 4,2,7mos .My 2 older ones LOVE playing with each other .After I had my first child my father asked me when I was going to have another and of course I laughed and said “never” but then he told me how he was an only child and that he always wanted a little brother or sister .Long story short , all of my brothers and I have 3 or more children and we all(including my father)couldn’t be more happier .
    My father is a proud grandfather of 16 grandchildren ☺☺☺☺

  8. Having siblings doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have help either.

  9. Except many siblings don’t get along. Having more than one kid doesn’t mean they’ll like each other.

  10. I had a hard time conceiving my first, and after him I had a miscarriage, followed by a vanishing twin in my current pregnancy. I decided no matter how this pregnancy turns out, I am done, I won’t go through loss again. People still tell me that I need to try again for a girl (have a boy, expecting another boy). How about everyone live their own life and have as many or as few children as they choose? Would that be so difficult?

  11. Increases the number of clicks for their page, making them more appealing to advertisers but less appealing to me!

  12. How about we just let people live their lives and not feel like we have to comment on everyone’s family size.

  13. My son is almost 16 now, but when he was younger and nosy people would a sky things like,”why only one?” I would usually respond with, “Because I got it right the first time.” Shuts them right up. Especially when the questioner had a herd of children with them.

  14. How about when your child is 18 and mothers who waited a little longer to have children and have a brood of 3 misbehaved rebels look at you and say things to the line of how you don’t know what you’re talking about you only had one child they had THREE so the must know so much more about raising children … Ok, I’ll just forget that I’m still a parent, majored in early childhood development, and helped raise my siblings because I was much older than them plus helped raised foster siblings with my mom in my 20’s & 30’s. People need to mind their own business, my daughter is happy being an only child and very generous and caring.

  15. I’ve heard a few of these, and it’s very frustrating especially since I have a boy, and I hear “When are you going to get started on that Girl”!?!? It’s like so much pressure to have a girl, and what if I wanted another Boy, people should be considerate, and keep opinions to themselves. I’m tired of hearing it.

  16. I get so tired of hearing all of these!! #8 really pisses me off.

  17. I always responded with ” I got my perfect child on the first try – too bad for you that you had to keep on trying & still didn’t reach perfection.”

  18. I hate “they need someone to play with'” umm no she doesn’t she has friends.

  19. I have 1 beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, I had 2 miscarriages before I gave birth to my daughter who was born 11 weeks early. I would love to have another but age 40 with 4 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVF it is unlikely. I do have baby fever and I envy women who are pregnant with more than 1. I am so blessed to be a mother and I would not trade it for the world. I am reading a book “The One and Only” to help me deal with my reality.

  20. Oh lord!!!! Ive heard 8 out of 10 already hahahahaH

  21. I would never ask a mother why she only had one child.. I have 5 and get so sick of the “don’t you know how to prevent that?” “Are you getting fixed this time?” Questions from strangers!! Everyone has a different story and unless they willingly share their story on their family size with me it’s none of my business

  22. Yup. It’s very annoying